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Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server - Helion

Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server
Autor: Chris Sanders
ISBN: 9781491905982
stron: 56, Format: ebook
Data wydania: 2006-11-30
Księgarnia: Helion

Cena książki: 29,67 zł (poprzednio: 34,50 zł)
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Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 consistently proves to be worth its weight in gold, with new implementations thought up every day.

With this product now a free download from Microsoft, scores of new users are able to experience what the power of virtualization can do for their networks.

This guide is aimed at network administrators who are interested in ways that Virtual Server 2005 can be implemented in their organizations in order to save money and increase network productivity. It contains information on setting up a virtual network, virtual consolidation, virtual security, virtual honeypots, and more.

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Dodaj do koszyka Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server

Spis treści

Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server eBook -- spis treści

  • Saving Money and Time With Virtual Server
  • Enter Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
    • Virtual Server Versus Virtual PC
    • Virtual Server System Requirements
    • Licensing Virtual Server
    • Obtaining Virtual Server
  • Creating a Basic Virtual Server
    • Installing Virtual Server
    • Accessing the Virtual Server Administration Web Site
    • Creating Your First Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Hard Disks
      • How a virtual hard disk works
      • Fixed-size VHDs
      • Dynamically expanding VHDs
      • Undo VHDs
      • Differencing Disks
  • Saving Time with Virtual Test Beds
    • Considerations for Dealing with Multiple Virtual Machines
      • Filenames
      • Hard disks
      • CD/DVD drive
      • Floppy drive
      • COM ports
      • LPT ports
      • Resource allocation
    • Setting up a Virtual Network
      • Understanding Virtual Machine Networking Services
      • Creating your virtual network
      • Configuring the virtual DHCP server
    • Extending Virtual Networks
  • Saving Money with Virtual Consolidation
    • Decreased Server Provisioning Time
      • Creating virtual-machine image libraries
    • Simplification of Backups
    • Server Redundancy
    • Disaster Recovery: a Case Scenario
  • Saving Face with Virtual Security
    • Virtual Security in Consolidated Environments
    • Virtual Honeypots
      • Setting up a virtual honeypot
      • Installing and configuring HoneyBOT
  • Virtual Server Performance Tuning
    • Allocating Extra Memory
    • Installing VM Additions
    • Using SCSI Hard Drives
    • Disable Real-Time Virus Scanning on VHD Files
    • Defragment Your Hard Drives
  • The Future of Virtual Computing
  • About the Author
  • Copyright

Dodaj do koszyka Saving Money and Time with Virtual Server

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