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Creating Keynote Slideshows: The Mini Missing Manual - Helion

Creating Keynote Slideshows: The Mini Missing Manual
Autor: Josh Clark
ISBN: 978-1-4493-8892-8
stron: 194, Format: ebook
Data wydania: 2010-02-17
Księgarnia: Helion

Cena książki: 16,92 zł (poprzednio: 19,67 zł)
Oszczędzasz: 14% (-2,75 zł)

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Don't bore your audience with black bullet points on a white background. Your ideas deserve a presentation that's as smart and elegant as they are. Even if you're new to the Mac, this hands-on guide gets you up to speed on Keynote's features-like timesaving themes-fast. You'll learn how to customize layouts to your liking and add even more flash with sound and video.

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Spis treści

Creating Keynote Slideshows: The Mini Missing Manual eBook -- spis treści

  • Creating a Keynote Slideshow
    • Themes = Templates
    • Your First Keynote Slideshow
      • The Toolbar, Format Bar, and Inspectors
      • Slide Size and Slide View
      • Adding Your Text
      • Changing the Slide Layout with Master Slides
      • Adding an Image
      • Making Changes to the Layout
      • Adding and Inserting Slides
      • Adding Slide Transitions
      • Changing the Theme
      • Using the Presenter Notes Pane
      • Playing the Slideshow
    • Browsing and Organizing Your Slides
      • The Slide Navigator
      • Navigator View
      • Outline View
      • Light Table View
    • Saving Your Slideshow
      • Automatic Backups
    • Opening an Existing Slideshow
      • Importing Files from Another Program
  • Laying Out Your Slides
    • Setting Up the Keynote Document
      • Choosing a Presentation Style
      • Password-Protecting Your Slideshow
    • Working with Objects
      • Selecting Objects
      • Moving and Copying Objects
      • Resizing, Rotating, and Flipping Objects
      • Connecting Objects
      • Styling Objects
      • Copying and Reusing Object Styles
      • Layering Objects
      • Aligning Objects
      • Grouping and Locking Objects
      • Distributing and Aligning Objects
    • Adding and Formatting Text Boxes
      • Inserting Title and Body Text Boxes
      • Inserting Free Text Boxes
      • Editing Text in Keynote
      • Formatting Text
    • Inserting Photos and Other Graphics
      • Replacing Media Placeholders
      • Adding and Editing Pictures
      • Managing File Sizes for Image-Heavy Slideshows
    • Making Shapes
      • Filling with Colors, Gradients, and Images
    • Building Tables and Charts
    • Adding Movies
      • Playing Movies
      • Managing Multimedia Files
    • Making Noise: Sounds and Soundtracks
      • Adding a Soundtrack
      • Adding Sound to a Single Slide
    • Working with Hyperlinks
      • Linking to Slides
      • Surfing the Web
      • Linking to Other Slideshows
      • Sending Email
    • Note to Self: Add a Comment
    • Changing Slide Backgrounds
    • Adding Slide Numbers
  • Animating Your Slides
    • Adding Transitions
      • Switching Slides with 2D and 3D Effects
      • Adding Object Effects
      • Wordplay with Text Effects
      • Magic Move Transitions
      • Old-School Transitions
    • Adding Object Builds
      • Creating Build Ins and Build Outs
      • Controlling Movies and Sounds with Builds
      • Using Smart Builds for Single-Slide Slideshows
    • Ordering and Automating Builds
      • Playing Builds Automatically or Simultaneously
      • Mingling Builds of Text, Tables, Charts, and Images
    • Adding Animations with Action Builds
      • Moving Objects Along a Path
      • Multiple Action Builds
    • Copying Builds to Other Objects

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